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exciting livesss ..

Came down from heaven on November 14, 1989 making her 17 years old and a Scorpio. Alexandra Magdalena Castillo is her legal name. Her friends call her Ale, Ali, Ridicula, Alex, Tata, China, and many other nicknames. She is Cuban-American and resides in Miami, FL. Her Favorite Colors are Purple and Black. She has called her style Chonga but currently dresses in different styles although she sometimes still indulges in her Chonga side. She loves long acrylic nails, baggy sweat pants, tanks and black kicks. She has a boy Sandy Colored Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher puppy named Caramelo and a Girl Silver Laborador named Baby. She has a 2 year old goddaughter named Amanda. She is Catholic. She is quick tempered and tends to be a drama queen. She is a dreamer who loves art, music, and dance. Her dream career would be a Crime Scene Investigator. She loves adventure and danger. She listens to all types of music but prefers music in spanish. She likes to be involved. Shes a registrated voter. She loves forensic files and CSI: Miami. Her favorite flower is the sunflower, but she also loves roses and multi-colored daisies. Her favorite movies are Grease, Cruel Intentions, The Little Mermaid, Ray, Interview With The Vampire, Stepmom, and jack. She makes lots of mistakes and does not change for anyone. she's as perfect as shes ever going to be. She loves her life with all the ups and downs in it. Basically she's in love with life, friendship, drama, and love itself.

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