angelamarie_x3 (angelamarie_x3) wrote in getmorefriends,

HI Everyone

I haven't used livejournal in about 5-6 years, so I want to try again. Problem though, is all my friends are using blogspot and blogger, etc so I don't have friends on Livejournal.

Here's some basic information about me:
1. My name is Angiie (with two i's)
2. I'm 19, and Married. Got married when I was 17. Don't regret a minute of it. Been married 4 years.
3. I don't have kids, but love them to death. My husband and I began trying to have a child about a year and a half ago, with no luck thus far. My sister just had the first baby in the family on September 12th 2008, and I spoil my niece rotten.
4. I have 6 tattoos (got within the last year), with many plans for more. My husband is a tattoo artist, so I have easy access to them. LOL
5. I am into all types of arts and crafts. I used to be very good at drawing when I was younger, but haven't drawn in about 7-8 years, so I've been practicing that. Other than that, I love still doing arts and crafts.
6. I have depression, bi-polar and anxiety. But don't worry, I am the sweetest girl you will meet. I'm a people pleaser all the way. I have learned to hide my "mental illnesses" from people, other than those real close to me.
7. I love reading other peoples blogs, and commenting, and making new life long friends. I am apart of several online communities, for this reason.
8. I tend to right a lot. (In case you couldn't tell) I can never seem to get straight to the point - I have to explain myself for everything.
9. I'm a housewife, so I don't work. I tend to get lonely quite often because my husband works full time to support us.
10. I love knowing that people are enjoying my "blogs". So, I admit - I love receiving comments on my journal entries.

Won't you please add me? :)
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I'll add you
I'm confused. You are 19, got married when you were 17, and have been married 4 years? Is that possible? .....Can you time travel?

I won't tell. Your secret is safe with me.
I will be your friend if you want.
I also enjoy attention on my journal.